What Is Included In A Professional Furnace Inspection?

Furnace maintenance once a year is necessary to ensure its proper condition and longevity. You can hire a professional furnace repair service expert in Steubenville, OH, to do this job. It’s a good idea to understand how this maintenance process takes place.

Furnace inspection checklist

A professional HVAC service provider should offer the inspection of the following furnace parts:

  • Air filter inspection

If your indoor air is free of dust and mold and you can breathe easily, it indicates the air filters are working fine. These filters work round the clock to ensure comfort at home. That is why the maintenance technicians start with the air filters.

  • Ductwork inspection

For a furnace to work effortlessly, the ducts have to be free of any leaks or dirt collection. The technicians inspect the ducts and ensure there is no damage left. The ducts must be clean in order to distribute warm air throughout the house.

  • Evaporator and condenser coils inspection

Coils are essential components of a furnace system. With the help of a compressor, these coils transfer heat from one place to another. The heating replacement technicians in Weirton, WV, inspect if any leak in the coils or damage is involved.

  • The flame sensor inspection

The flame sensor is a pivotal part of a furnace. The heating system can turn on because of this sensor. The technicians ensure there is no soot on the sensor, and it can work effortlessly.

  • The heat exchanger inspection

Since the heat exchanger works 24/7, keeping it in the best condition is essential. This part of the furnace receives heavy pressure, and cracks or corrosion can occur. The technicians thoroughly inspect this part and take the necessary steps to ensure its best condition.

  • Fittings inspection

Maintenance work involves every part of the system being separated from each other. Almost every part goes through a lubrication process. The HVAC engineers ensure the fittings are free of error.

  • A complete test run

A professional in furnace repair service in Steubenville, OH, will lastly conduct a test run. The technicians want to ensure everything is in order, and you won’t have to face any more problems with the furnace after they leave.

Bottom line

The furnace inspection is a deep analysis of your heating system. The service provider must ensure everything is inspected, fitted, and in working condition. For a reliable heating replacement in Weirton, WV, contact Air Excellence.

We provide a thorough inspection of the HVAC system at an affordable price. We will ensure your furnace is up and running in prime condition. Call us at 740-537-8055 or 304-748-0633 to learn more about our services.