Top 4 Common HVAC Mistakes You Should Avoid In This Fall

As the winter season is making its way, we should be prepared to comfort ourselves this season. It is essential to look after your HVAC systems at home to provide sufficient insulation and comfort during the colder and hotter temperatures. Top companies providing ductless HVAC services in Steubenville will tell you the same. 

In this blog, let us share some common mistakes so that your HVAC can have a longer life.

Top 4 common HVAC mistakes.

  • Failure to change the air filters on time

Air filters are essential for any HVAC system. These filters are responsible for cleaning the indoor air. Since summer is one of those seasons when your HVAC works hard to provide you comfort, you should always clean the filters after this season. 

Hire a professional ductless HVAC service in Steubenville to repair or replace your air filters on time. First, let us brief you on different filters used in an HVAC unit:


  • Fiberglass air filters are the least expensive and do a moderate job of filtering dust and pollen. It has a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) of 4.
  • Pleated air filters: These air filters are slightly more effective than fiberglass filters. Its MERV rating ranges from 5 to 8.
  • HEPA filters: High-efficiency particulate air filters HEPA works flawlessly to remove pollen, dust, and other harmful material from the air. These filters are rated 11 or higher. If you or anyone suffers from allergies, use this filter.
  • Obstructed air distribution

The HVAC system uses vents to circulate both cold and warm air. Some homeowners close these vents to save energy but put pressure on the system instead. According to experts in AC installation in Weirton, WV, you should always check the ducts of the HVAC system and ensure that it doesn’t have any leaks.

  • Improper thermostat setting

The thermostat is responsible for providing optimum temperature across your house. However, if you repeatedly change the thermostat setting, you risk damaging the system. As any top ductless HVAC service in Steubenville will tell you, the thermostat setting must be within a small range of temperatures. 

  • Irregular maintenance and inspection

It is paramount for any HVAC system to go through modest maintenance service at least twice a year. If you fail to do this, your HVAC system will face various problems, and consequently, your unit might lose its efficiency. 

Always hire one of Steubenville’s top ductless HVAC services after every season to service your system. The technicians will service your approach and recommend repair or replacement. Ignoring these elemental checkups might cost you tremendously in the future.



Hopefully, you have enough knowledge regarding what not to do regarding your HVAC system. Then, this fall, prepare your unit for the winter with the help of professional ductless HVAC services in Steubenville, like Air Excellence.

We are always committed to giving our best in AC installation in Weirton, WV, or any other HVAC service. So call us today and schedule your AC service with us.