How To Find Your Air Conditioner Filter

An air filter can be found in every heating and cooling system, but certain HVAC systems make it more difficult to find than others.

Your home’s air conditioner will continue circulating cool air if the filter is changed. If there is a reduction in airflow, the air filter may be blocked with dirt and debris. Additionally, a clogged filter may ultimately need unit maintenance, increase your electricity cost, and shorten the lifespan of your appliance. It is better to clean the air filter at regular intervals. Contacting our AC repair service in Weirton, WV, will ensure your air conditioner is well maintained.

Replacing the filter on your air conditioner is easy if you know where it is located.

How many air filters do you have?

To begin, how many air filters does your house have? Go over every area and make sure (including your attic and basement). If your home has a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit in the basement or attic, look in the space below the air handler’s detachable cover.

  • Places to find an air conditioner filter

On horizontal HVAC equipment, the filter will often fit into a slot on the intake side of the unit. This is because the return duct is attached to the side of the air handler.
It is common for return air ducts to fit into a slot located on the ceiling directly above the HVAC unit on vertical air handlers. This is because the return air duct enters the air handler at the top.
It usually fits in a slot below the HVAC unit on vertical air handlers where the return air duct comes in from below the air handler.
Certain other HVAC systems could be hidden behind the return air grill on your house’s wall.

  • Steps to replace your air conditioner filter.

Filters are available in various sizes, so you can check your present filter or contact our AC repair service in Weirton, WV, for assistance. Regardless of the kind you purchase, changing filters is usually simple once you’ve located the right one.

  • Turn off the HVAC unit.

Detach the access panel to locate the filter.
Remove the old filter once you find it.
Remove any dust from the cover grille using a microfiber cloth.
Replace the old filter with the new one, ensuring it points in the right direction. The filter should have an arrow pointing to the ceiling, wall, or your unit.
Close the access panel once you fit the new filter and turn on the HVAC unit.

Finding the air filters in your home can be challenging at times. However by doing so you can ensure the filters are kept clean and maintained.. It’s a good idea to get the unit checked out by our professionals who provide AC repair in Steubenville, regularly.

Call professionals for help!

If you are at a loss for what to do next, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Air Excellence. We will assist you in finding your air filters and demonstrate how to change them so that the process will be simpler the next time you need to do it. Call us at (304) 748-0633.