Furnace Busted, Right Before Winter? Here’s What You Can Do.

You should check your heating system more than ever since winter is just around the corner. Nothing is worse than a heating system giving up when you need it the most. It is also possible for a broken heating system to lead to frozen pipes, which could result in thousands of dollars in damage if one bursts. Make sure you hire a qualified technician for a tune-up and heating repair in Steubenville, OH.

A priority should be placed on safety!

How does your furnace work? Does it run on natural gas? Shutting off the gas line to the heater should be the first step if the furnace fails. You’ll find a valve in the vicinity of the igniter or pilot light; turn it off to stop the gas supply. You no longer need to worry about safety hazards caused by a system breakdown.

Check to see if the furnace needs to be repaired.

If the furnace is over 15 years old, it’s easy to assume that when it stops working, that’s it. The job is done. There are times, however, when this doesn’t apply. You can try these checks to get the furnace working again:

  • Make sure the thermostat is set correctly.
  • Check the electrical panel to see if a circuit breaker has tripped.

Filters and vents should be checked.

Check the air filter if the thermostat isn’t the culprit. In addition to preventing dust and dirt from circulating throughout your home, it also catches mold, mildew, and other contaminants. It may be impossible for air to flow if the filter is dirty.

Professionals for heat pump installation in Weirton, WV, recommend changing standard filters every one to three months and high-efficiency filters every six to twelve months.

Closed vents and ducts can also restrict airflow. Even in rooms you don’t use that often, closing vents can strain your heating system since it must work harder to heat the room you just closed.

Hire professional HVAC technicians to inspect the HVAC system.

You should now contact a heat pump installation expert in Weirton, WV, to find out what’s wrong with the furnace and if repairs are possible. You should only hire a licensed HVAC specialist to repair the broken furnace. You may also end up paying for an expensive service that you don’t need because amateurs won’t do a good job.

Choose between repairs and replacements.

A thorough check should be performed on your furnace by the experts. It is always a viable option to replace a furnace over 15 years old, even if repairs are possible. If the technicians quote a repair price that is more than 50% of the cost of a new furnace, you’re better off with a replacement. A technician can also estimate how many years the furnace can work efficiently, so you know if it’s worth investing more in it than buying a new one. To help you choose a furnace, the technicians will offer different choices based on your budget.

Was the furnace busted right before winter? Here's what you can do.

After deciding on a new furnace, schedule a time to meet with the technicians. If you need a new furnace, you should know all the options. Our expert HVAC team can help in heating repair in Steubenville, OH. Schedule repairs or a replacement today by calling Air Excellence at 740-537-8055 today.